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Additional Services


Convenient Additional Detailing Services

Take advantage of the many options and add-ons available at Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc. Bring your car in and we'll make it look like it rolled off the showroom floor.

Contact us today to set up your appointment or with any questions you have about our services.
Exterior machine compounding
If your exterior is flat and oxidized, has swirl-marks, or has heavy scratches, it must be restored with panel-by-panel machine compounding before Coach B exterior package can be completed. Vehicle needs to be seen for evaluation and pricing.

Smoke removal
Smoke odors are removed completely and permanently. Vehicle requires evaluation. Smoke odor removal starts at $300.00, in addition to the Coach A interior package.   

Engine cleaning    
Complete engine de-greasing, hot pressure wash, air purge, hand detail, and aerosol dressing (signed waiver required).

With any detail package:
Cars / medium SUVs — $35.00  
Lg / XLg — $55.00  
XXLg and commercial — $75.00

Without detail package:
Cars / medium SUVs — $60.00 
Lg / XLg — $80.00  
XXLg and commercial — $100.00


  • Paint sealant (Car Brite) — Hand-applied 1 year protection NOTE: these add-ons work best
  • Fabric guard (Car Brite) — All interior fabric on clean or new vehicles
  • Leather protectant — Hand-applied leather protectant and conditioner
See our packages page for add-on pricing.
engine cleaning

Subcontractor Services

These services require a pre-arranged appointment with the provider:
  • Paintless dent removal  
  • Interior burn repair
  • Leather repair and re-dyeing
Most vehicles that require special services need individual pricing. Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc offers subcontractor services as a convenience. 

Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc is not responsible nor guarantees the quality of work performed by a subcontractor. 

Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc will inform you of any services provided by a subcontractor prior to work being started.

Please present any gift certificates or coupons prior to service. 
headlight restoration

Headlight Restoration

Clear Solutions Headlight Restoration is a division of Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc. They specialize in restoring yellowed and foggy headlights, and all headlight restorations are of the highest quality and guaranteed for 12 months.
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"My mother's dog recently got into some bad fish and then threw it up all over the front passenger side of my car. Bill agreed to just clean that section of the car, and then drove me to work and picked me back up later that day! 
When I got to my car it smelled AWESOME and he had vacuumed the whole car for me for a VERY reasonable price! I would recommend Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc to everyone!"

 - Angelica (Yellowpages review)

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