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Exclusive Auto Detailing Packages

Maintaining both the interior and exterior of your vehicle is essential. Pamper your car or truck with full-service detailing by visiting Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc. 

We fix many botched details left by other detail shops such as swirl marks from unnecessary heavy compounding, poor interior cleaning, etc. We do our best to repair the damage but we accept no responsibility for any damage created by outside detail shops and dealers. 

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First-Class Package (Our Premier Package) 

Full vehicle reconditioning — $249.95          
For small cars and 2-row small SUVs including Altima, CRV, or similar size. 
  • Includes Coach A and B packages
  • Best value! Save $100.00!

Coach A Package: 

Complete interior shampoo and extraction — $159.95
For small to medium cars and small SUVs. Solves most common interior problems for your vehicle.
  • All interior surfaces hand scrubbed
  • All fabric, carpets, and mats pre-treated, hand scrubbed, and cleaned with hot water extraction equipment                                         
  • All compartments, seat tracks, seams, vents, and crevices air-purged, scrubbed, and cleaned (all products used are hypo-allergenic)
  • Complete satin finish treatment with Q-tip and mini brush detail
  • No lingering scents
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • Hand wash
  • Clean rims and tires
2 add-ons for the same vehicle — $69.95
Add leather protectant or fabric guard — $29.95
clean rims

Coach B Package: 

4-Stage exterior paint revitalization — $189.95        
For small to medium cars and small SUVs. Solves most of your common exterior problems. The exterior detailing process removes light holographic swirl marks and light to medium scratches, and restores depth and shine. 

Heavy swirl marks, deep scratches or oxidation might require compounding before work is completed. Additional pricing may apply if your exterior needs compounding.  All products used are silicone and filler-free.
  • Complete exterior clay rub to remove tar, bugs, stains, and fallout
  • Machine polish to remove fine scratches and scuffs
  • Machine glaze to restore depth and shine      
  • Hand-applied paste wax (Carnauba or synthetic) to seal in the shine
  • Clean and dress dash and console
  • Vacuum interior common areas and trunk
  • In and out glass cleaned
2 add-ons to the same vehicle — $69.95
Add paint sealant (1-year protection) — $49.95
shiny car

Business Class Detail

Small to medium cars and SUVs — $169.95      
Business exterior clean
  • Hand wash (hot)
  • Remove bugs
  • Towel dry body and door jams
  • Dress tires & exterior plastic
  • Hand applied Carnauba paste wax
  • Exterior glass cleaned
Business interior clean
  • Complete vacuum carpets mats, seats and trunk (cycle all seats)
  • Air purge door panels (removes light dust)
  • Clean, dress, and detail dashboard, and center console
  • Interior glass cleaned
Additional pricing examples for larger size vehicles below.

Small to medium-size cars and small SUVs such as  Altima, RAV 4, or similar size:
First-class full recondition — $249.95 (Best value! Save $ 100.00!)
Coach A interior — $159.95   
Coach B exterior — $189.95  
Business-class package — $169.95

Large cars, medium SUVs, and wagons such as Cherokee, Audi A8, or similar size:
First-class full recondition — $269.95 (Best value! Save $110.00!)
Coach A interior — $169.95 
Coach B exterior — $209.95   
Business-class package — $179.95

Large-size SUVs such as Explorer, Durango, Q7, or similar size:
First-class full recondition — $299.95 (Best value! Save $120.00!)
Coach A interior — $189.95  
Coach B exterior — $229.95   
Business-class package — $199.95

Extra-large SUVs and trucks such as Suburban, Escalade, and trucks for private use:                   
First-class full recondition — $349.95 (Best value! Save $130.00!)
Coach A interior — $219.95 
Coach B exterior — $259.95  
Business-class package — $229.95

All trucks and Wranglers are priced according to their size, use, and condition. Any vehicle that is used commercially, regardless of type or size, is priced individually. Antiques, classics, seasonal, collectible, show, or any other specialty vehicles also require individual pricing.


Paint sealant for cars and SUVs— Hand applied, 1-year protection
(Requires Coach B ext pk)
Sm — $49.95  
Md — $59.95
Lg — $69.95
XLg — $79.95
XXLg or commercial size — $99.95

Fabric guard or leather conditioner — All fabric or leather treated must be stain free
Sm — $29.95
Md — $39.95  
Lg — $49.95  
XLg — $69.95   
XXLg or commercial size — $79.95

Both add-ons same vehicle      
Sm — $69.95       
Med — $89.95  
Lg — $99.95  
XLg — $119.95   
XXLg or commercial size — $139.95  

Add hand-wax and tire shine to any Coach A interior package
Sm — $39.95        
Md — $49.95   
Lg — $59.95     
XLg — $69.95  
XXLg or commercial size — $79.95

Disclaimers — Please Read

All menu prices shown refer to privately owned vehicles with normal usage. Commercial or extra-large vehicles (conv. vans, cube vans, etc.) will be priced accordingly. Special circumstances like pet hairs, construction debris, heavy dust and excessive soil, tar, tree sap and road paint, etc. may subject the customer to additional charges without notice. 

Exterior machine compounding can be done to remove oxidation or heavy scuffs or staining for an additional charge. Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc reserves the right to refuse any vehicle.

A vehicle is meant for people and their personal items. This type of use falls under listed menu pricing. A vehicle that is used in other ways: animal transport, building materials, fishing tackle, contractors and their odors, excessive filth and garbage, etc. — these vehicles may require additional pricing to clean properly.
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"Recently I had Bill take care of two cars for me. They came back looking like brand new. I live about 40 minutes from Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc with multiple auto-detailing shops to choose from in between. After seeing the finished work done on both cars, there is no other choice to be made moving forward. Paiva's Auto Detailing Inc it is from now on; amazing work, professional, and competitively priced. No better choice in RI. Thank you, Bill, I will be a return customer without question."

 - Chad (Yellowpages review)

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